Tea is more than a drink to me. It has been life saving!

FREEaliTEA began with a need to relieve and release my own chronic and overwhelming stress that resulted in physical symptoms such as muscle tension and sleep disturbances.  Trying to balance my job, starting a business and balancing a relationship with family drama and dysfunction was overwhelming! The circumstances in my life weren't changing so the only thing I had control of changing was myself. One place I always found solace was in my kitchen. Sometimes it was the only place I could fully express myself. I was playing around with herbs and the formula for a hibiscus based tea came to me.

From the moment I sat down and sipped on this tea, my soul was soothed! With every sip, I felt a sense of calm and ease come over me and the tension began to melt away little by little. Thus Release Recharge Tea was born!

This led to the creation of FREEaliTEA with teas to help induce a state of relaxation and facilitate the release of stress and toxicity. I knew if I could experience this state of calm for just a moment every day with something as simple and natural as tea, I could help others do the same. Each cup created a me-time moment for me and a stress-FREE reality.

FREEALITEA  is the place where I create magic by fusing the knowledge of conventional medicine with the wisdom of  natural medicine and plant technology into every blend.

FREEALITEA  empowers people to create a stress-FREE reality one cup at a time.