The Goddess Circle
The Goddess Circle
The Goddess Circle
The Goddess Circle
The Goddess Circle

The Goddess Circle

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Imagine a space where each woman’s journey to wellness is celebrated, supported, and uplifted. This is the essence of The Goddess Circle, curated meticulously by Dr. Michelle to guide you through a holistic transformation that touches every aspect of your being.

The Goddess Circle is a member's only wellness space curated with the FABULOUS woman over 40 in mind


  • Rekindle Passion and Intimacy: Rediscover your fire for love and life, enhancing connections and exploring new dimensions of your desires
  • Achieve Serenity and Stress Relief:  Find your calm center amidst life's storms, emerging more powerful and tranquil with every challenge with self-care strategies and activities
  • Navigate Menopause with Ease:  Journey through hormonal changes with natural, holistic strategies that honor your body and spirit.
  • Transform Physically and Emotionally: Embrace weight wellness and discover the confidence to shine in your truest, most radiant self.
  • Surge with Boundless Energy: Awaken each day feeling revitalized, ready to embrace life's moments with excited expectancy and joy.



  • Quarterly 30-Minute One-on-One with Dr. Michelle: Personalized insights into your wellness journey with a customized plan (value $2000)
  •  Complimentary Ticket to the Goddess Gathering Spa Retreat: A day of pampering, relaxation, rejuvenation, and community (value $400)
  • Quarterly Goddess Gift Chest: A treasure trove of wellness and beauty items, books, and more, delivered to your doorstep, to remind you of your divine essence. (value $500)
  • 20% discount on ALL FREEALITEA blends (value priceless)
  • MORE...