The Goddess Circle
The Goddess Circle

The Goddess Circle

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Imagine a space where each woman’s journey to wellness is celebrated, supported, and uplifted. This is the essence of The Goddess Circle, curated meticulously by Dr. Michelle to guide you through a holistic transformation that touches every aspect of your being.

The Goddess Circle is a member's only wellness space curated with the FABULOUS woman over 40 in mind


  • Expert-Led Wellness Workshops: Dive deep into wellness topics with our twice-monthly workshops absorbing wisdom that reshapes your understanding of wellness.
  • Exclusive Community: Connect, share, and grow with like-minded women. Feel the warmth of belonging to a sisterhood that echoes your dreams and aspirations.
  • Monthly Meditation Sessions: Find your inner peace and balance. Be guided to slow the mind and silence the chatter.
  • Wellness Meetups: Join us for brunch, book clubs, and more. Imagine the collective rhythm of a walk in nature with our wellness walk club



  • Monthly FREEALITEA Blend: Savor our specially curated teas
  • 20% Off FREEALITEA Products: Enjoy your favorite blends at an exclusive rate
  • Quarterly 30-Minute One-on-One with Dr. Michelle : Personalized insights into your wellness journey with a customized plan
  •  MEMBERS ONLY PRICING on Future Events: Be the first to access transformative experiences. Ex. The Goddess Gathering Spa Retreat in September
  • Quarterly Book Club Bundle: Includes your book reading selection paired with carefully curated items for a rejuvenating reading experience in preparation for our lively discussion.