3 Relaxing Herbal Remedies for Sleep by Dr. Michelle

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Greetings Tea lovers! It’s time to spill the tea, or drink the tea on ways that you can use herbs to release stress and recharge health. Today we’re going to explore herbal help for release and rest.  Which herbs  can help you create a stress-FREE reality one cup at a time..

I’m all about herbs for health and harmony. To lead a healthy life you have to learn how

to balance your body, mind and spirit. One of the ways that imbalance in one of those areas gets our attention, is through our sleep or lack of.

Over the weekend, I had a fantastic trip with my line sisters. We celebrated 30 years of being on the vine so to speak. 30 years of friendship and sisterhood in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. If you have ever been on a girl’s trip, then you know, not only do we share laughs, love, libations and good food, but we also have the Sister-girl therapy sessions. One of my line sisters talked about her sleep problems.

There are quite a few people that have a hard time falling asleep. They may find it difficult to get to sleep even though they are very tired and need to get rest.

Many do not like to take the harsh medications that are prescribed for sleeping problems.  They do not like the way that they feel when they are taking them.  Sometimes, people can also get addicted to the sleeping pills and medicines that are on the market today. 

Now you know I’m a root worker; I like to get to the root of the matter and I work with roots – ginger root, turmeric root, dandelion root etc.  First things first, discover what is the root cause of the sleep issue. Is there a change in work schedule, life schedule or overwhelming stress. Chronic stress will definitely affect your sleep. Whether it is difficulty falling asleep, or difficulty staying asleep. There are herbal sleeping treatments that can help a person release stress, rest, and relax.

Many people do love the way that herbal treatments help them sleep. You can get them in the form of a pill, liquid or even in teas. Of course, tea is my number one choice. I love the warmth of a hot cup of tea. It warms and soothes my body and my mind.

My favorite for sleep is Release Relax and Rest Tea. It is blended with herbs known to help release stress, anxious feelings, and improve sleep.

Let’s talk about my 3 faves:

1. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family. Studies have shown that it can relieve symptoms of anxiety. That is important because sometimes what keeps us up at night are racing, anxious thoughts. We just can’t seem to turn our thoughts off and rest our mind. Lemon Balm also reduces stress and improves quality of sleep.


2. Passionflower

Passionflower can also help induce a state of calm. It has been used to treat generalized anxiety disorder. Research showed after 7 days, daily consuming a tea made with passionflower, an improvement in the quality of sleep. In combination with lemon balm, valerian, and hops, improves total sleep time, time taken to initially fall asleep and number of nightly awakenings.


3. Lavender

A lot of people LOVE lavender. Lavender in their baths, sachets, diffusing the essential oil, and candles. But you can also consume lavender. Make sure it is culinary grade. Consuming lavender in a nice herbal tea blend like Release Relax and Rest can definitely do just that. Lavender tea has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality and quantity. It also decreases cortisol which is our stress hormone.

There are others, such as valerian and chamomile, but these are some of my favorites. And they are all blended together in the restful blend of Release Relax & Rest Tea part of the April's Relaxation Bundle.

Some wonder if the herbal treatments for sleeping are safe. The answer to this question is usually. Most people have nothing to worry about when they are taking an herbal sleeping aid.  If a person is healthy and not taking any other medications that could interfere with the herbs, there are usually no problems at all. As with anything, you should consult with your doctor first to make sure that the herbal treatment are safe for you to take with any conditions that you may have.

Herbal remedies are a lot safer than the other medications that are prescribed by doctors for sleeping problems.  Many do not feel safe when they are taking pills because they feel groggy or out of it after they wake up. With the herbal remedies, you will feel as if you had a great night’s rest and you will be ready to rise, shine and take on the next day ahead of you.

Here is to sweet dreams and a peaceful rest!


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