The ABC's for a Stress-FREE Work Week

Michelle Clay

Greetings Super Wonder Women and everyone ready to be about that stress FREELIFE! It's Dr. Michelle here, your holistic physician who specializes in helping you to release stress simply and and naturally.  Thinking about a stress FREELIFE can be challenging on Mondays. You've just finished having a relaxing weekend (hopefully) so Mondays can feel like another day, another dollar. 
Did you wake up this morning dreading going to work?
Do you have anxious feelings thinking of all that you need to do this week?
Maybe you are just going to "collect a check" without a sense of purpose. Yes, I get it and most of us do too.
According to the American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers feel stress on the job. 
But guess what?
There is a way to have peace of mind in the midst of workplace woes and have a stress-FREE week.

To affirm something is to validate, confirm or state something positively.
Take control of your thoughts and your week. As soon as you wake up every day choose to set a positive imprint and mindset. 
Before you get out of bed…
…affirm that today will be great and stress-FREE! State what it is you want and how you want to be. Couple this with visualization. 
Affirm how you want situations to resolve and how you want to FEEL in them. You can write it down and/or speak it out loud. Then visualize that same thing.
For example, affirm that you will be productive this week. Affirm that you will feel accomplished and empowered when your to-do list is complete.  Then visualize yourself checking those tasks off of your to-do list. See yourself smiling and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

If you have a stressful meeting coming up or a challenging appointment:

  • Affirm that the meeting will work in your favor

  • Visualize yourself in that situation being calm and commanding the meeting and your blessing.

  • Use an affirmation such as "I am successful."  Or, "I remain calm."

It is said, "What you believe, you will receive." What it is that you believe about yourself and your situation, will be reflected back to you; you manifest it If you believe you will experience stress on your job, you will. If you believe you won't have enough time for something, then youwon't. HOWEVER, if you believe you will command and control your day, you will. If you believe you will be productive, you will. If you believe that you will go through your day with grace and ease, then you will.
Moving with grace and ease throughout the week is a balancing act. According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, balance is mental and emotional steadiness. Once again start with affirming your emotions. One of the affirmations from my book, "Conquering the Chaos: The Super Wonder Woman's 12-Step Strategy for a Stress FREELIFE" is "I tell my mind what to think." Affirm that you will control your emotions not your emotions controlling you. This facilitates emotional and mental steadiness- balance.

This is the one thing that many struggle with, especially my sister Super Wonder Women. You may choose to support your mate, your children, your boss, your business, your church, your friends but rarely say, "I am going to choose to support ME today."
Choosing you is an act of self-care. It is an affirmation and a belief that your well-being matters and necessary for balance in your life and to thrive. Choosing you isn't selfish, it is self-FULL. Filling yourself up so that you can serve others. Choosing you may look like saying no to an over-extended calendar and saying yes to a walk in the park. Or it may even be dancing to your favorite song, while singing at the top of your lungs.
Choosing you is a declaration that you matter and your needs matter. 
That can be followed by getting your needs met. 
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Yours in Health and Harmony,

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