5 Hacks for Flipping Your Switch Post-Quarantine

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Greetings Super Wonder Women and those ready to live a FREELIFE on purpose and with passion FREE of stress. It's Dr. Michelle here sharing some tips to help you release stress simply and naturally.

Depending on where you live, the #stayathome order has just been lifted and we are now on #safestathome. For those who are starting to venture out for the first time in a while, your mind has to “flip the script” so to speak. It takes flipping a switch in our mindset.

Everyone is talking about returning to “normal”. I encourage you to create your own NEW normal which can help the transition to post-quarantine life a little easier.

If you are returning to work outside of the home, you have to get in the zone. You have to change your mind to a more structured way of doing things differently than any way you have done before, as well as incorporate some strategies to ease your anxiety of being “outside” again.



In our post-quarantine world, we have to plan like never before. Let me be blunt, Covid-19 is NOT gone and likely will not leave for quite some time. We must plan our every move – how it impacts us and others around us. To ease some of the anxiety of the transition, plan your work, and work your plan.

Where are you going to eat? Do you need to prepare your food to take with you?

Plan how you are going to set up your work-station. What supplies do you need at work (masks, hand sanitizer, paper towels, bleach solution, soap, etc.) Don’t depend on your employer to have the things YOU NEED.

  1. Get Into your Zone Internally

Visualize how you can move through your day with the greatest ease and least anxiety. Try journaling out ideas that are on repeat in your mind or meditating to clear the mental clutter and silence the “what ifs”. You know me, I LOVE affirmations. I tell myself daily that “I AM safe” and “I enjoy total and whole health.”

  1. Eliminate External Distractions

External distractions are truly the bane of modern existence. Notifications, ringing phones, other people: whatever the distractions are, do your best to remove them from your environment so you can focus and maintain a peaceful and positive environment.

  1. Identify your “Positive Partners”

For some, these may be your prayer partners. Identify people you can call, text or DM when you are feeling anxious and afraid. For the past two months, you’ve been able to isolate and insulate at home. Even if you were going stir crazy, you still were nestled in your own private space in your world where you could control most conditions. People at work could inadvertently or accidentally on purpose bring gloom and doom to your otherwise optimistic outlook that you have intentionally created in preparation for your return to work. Have your “positive partners” on speed dial to help be an umbrella to other’s thunderstorm of negativity.

  1. Single Focus Single Task

Your first and most important focus is to remain healthy and safe. Next are the tasks you must accomplish at work. Multitasking, like external distractions, may be the bane of modern-day existence. It was once hailed as the ultimate sign of a productive individual. LIES! We now know that multitasking cuts into productivity and equates to tasks taking longer. Try focusing on a particular job for as long as you can, preferably until that task is done. When you first start, this may be a short amount of time, but you can slowly work your way up. The goal is to complete your work as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can return to the safety of home.


Our world has experienced a lot of death and devastation. Many are grieving for loved ones we feel were taken too soon and our past way of life. But when things have been destroyed and you are in the midst of the rubble, that is the time to clear, cleanse and build anew. Grieve, cry, pout, or scream if you have to. Then get up, dust yourself off, flip your post quarantine switch and create some beauty from the ashes.

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Be well!
Dr. Michelle Clay is a speaker, best-selling author & Holistic Physician specializing in the release and management of stress and its associated symptoms simply and naturally. Through her wellness coaching programs and all-natural stress-care products like herbal teas and aromatherapy products, Dr. Michelle empowers the powerhouse woman with tools and strategies to release stress and recharge her health and happiness. 

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