The Top 5 Ways Green Tea Can FREE Your Life by Dr. Michelle

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Greetings Tea lovers! It’s time to spill the tea, or drink the tea☕ on ways you can use herbs to release stress and recharge health. Today we’re going to explore green tea and how it can help you create a stress-FREE reality one cup at a time..

I’m a newbie to the green tea game. I just started drinking it about 2 years ago when my Gynecologist and a Geneticist told me I had a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer. Thank God there are no detectable lumps and all of my mammograms have been normal. But they wanted me to do genetic testing to see if I carried the gene.

Now if you know me, know me, then you already know I’m going to take a natural approach for prevention. That’s when I started drinking green tea.  

Green tea has gained more popularity in the United States in recent years, but has been around for centuries in China and Japan as the beverage of choice. The Chinese and Japanese have always believed that a regular intake of green tea means a longer, healthier life. In the early 1990s, scientists proved this belief to be true when a survey of 3,000 Japanese women showed that those who drank green tea lived longer than those who did not.

5 Ways Green Tea FREEs Your Life:

1. Stress Management

 It’s estimated between 75% - 90% of all doctor’s visits are related to chronic stress. Either it causes new complaints or exacerbates chronic illnesses you may already be diagnosed with such as diabetes, high cholesterol, headaches etc. A component in green tea called L-theanine helps suppress the spike of the stress response, as well as has anti-anxiety effects. Now that is creating a stress-FREE reality in a cup!

2. Cancer Prevention

Green tea is high in an anti-oxidant called catechins, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). That’s a mouthful, but EGCG is a very powerful antioxidant that hinders the growth of carcinogenic cells and even, according to some research, kills cancerous cells without damaging healthy tissue. Particularly in breast, prostate and colon cancer. For those with a history of breast cancer or have a strong family history of these cancers like I do, you may want to consider adding green tea to your daily routine in combination with a holistic wellness lifestyle.

3. Increase Energy & Focus

Caffeine can help improve cognitive functioning. There is some caffeine in green tea but not as much as coffee. For those who want to cut down on the amount of coffee, you’re drinking and looking for a healthy alternative, green tea is it. It stimulates you without the jittery effect of coffee. Nor do you get the crash and burn feeling once the caffeine wears off. Green tea can help improve mood, memory, focus, and productivity, which are all things that are compromised by chronic stress.


4. Weight Release 

People always ask me, “What tea can I drink to lose weight.” The best way to release weight and the pounds that are no longer serving you, is to create a panoramic wellness plan. Meaning, "Live a life of total wellness”, as my super friend Dr. Mia always says. There isn’t a magic bullet or a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” solution for releasing something i.e. weight that took time to acquire.

With that being said, if you consume green tea before working out, it can help burn fat. Green tea burns fat, lots of it. It has what are scientifically called thermogenic properties, which means it actively promotes fat oxidation. It also boosts the metabolic rate. I’ve also noticed that it suppresses my appetite. I can go all day without feeling hungry.

5. Immune Boosting

The catechins in green tea are what gives it anti-viral activity. Research has shown that catechins can kill influenza viruses – the virus that causes the flu. Catechins also increase the number of immune cells called T-cells. T-cells play a role in suppressing autoimmune diseases and immune function in general.


WOW! Look at ALL of those benefits in one cup! These are just my top faves but green tea has more benefits than what is discussed here. Try it for yourself!


FREEaliTEA’s Release & Purify Green Tea is delicious! Blended with top-quality sencha green tea, matcha and moringa, it is full of  benefits that will help you feel AMAZING! If my health is great, I feel energized, focused and in a great mood, that is my definition of a FREELIFE!

My grandmotherused to tell us we needed to eat something green everyday. Green tea makes it easy to be green!


Be Well!







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  • Voncile on

    Awesome information. I tend to stay away from green tea ( I know its less that coffee used to drink it more stopped in the last yr) unless it is decaf due to blood pressure but all these other benefits are so awesome I may need to reconsider that. I take L-thianine and can always use more to reduce stress. :)

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