5 Ways to Start a Me-Time Moment by Dr. Michelle

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Greetings Tea Lovers and Super Wonder Women! It's Dr. Michelle here just dropping in to say, "I see you."

Yes, you. I see how awesome you are. I see how you go hard for your family, your business, your friends, your career. I also see the fatigue behind that beautiful smile of yours. It's time for some me-time.

It's important to take some me-time daily so you won't click out and crack up! SERIOUSLY!

Now, exactly what is "me-time"?

According to Oxford’s Dictionary, Me Time is defined as:

-time spent relaxing on one's own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.

I get it, Taking time for yourself may seem like a luxury. So many are relying on you to keep it together. That's the life of a Super Wonder Woman.

We spend our days rushing from one task to another at work and home only to drop into our beds completely exhausted. We are addicted to speed, see busyness as a status symbol, take care of not only our children, but also our aging parents, and work as many hours as possible to build a legacy. It’s no wonder most of us ignore ourselves and our needs. It seems like there’s simply no time to do more than grab food on the go and grab a few hours of sleep before starting it all again when the alarm goes off and we push snooze 2,3, or 4 times.

It seems easier to make time for other people’s needs and be the Olivia Pope of their lives than our own. 


Is it OK if I share something with you?

This is me.

It got so bad, I was preparing food and juices for my Daddy and not myself. I literally forgot to eat!

This went on a few days. What got my attention was I couldn't think. My head was foggy (I wonder why?)

Once I had a meal and could think, I realized I needed to take some time for myself. For me it wasn't just about me-time, it was about saving and healing myself. That’s what I need to get out of  survival-panic mode and get to THRIVING!


Why is me-time necessary and important?

  • It wards off burn-out
  • It sets you up to live a fulfilled, joyful life
  • It keeps you focused on what’s important
  • It helps you refocus when you feel overwhelmed or at a loss as to what should come next
  • It aids in recuperating from stress

 If you’re ready to make a declaration that you are DESERVING and ready to do what is necessary to THRIVE, start creating me-time moments TODAY!

How you may ask with all that is on your plate, here are 5 ways:

1. Schedule

Schedule regular meetings with yourself. SCHEDULE ME TIME on your calendar, just like you schedule meetings and other appointments. If you don’t schedule it, it will go at the bottom of the list of priorities and never happen. Then, when someone asks you to do something that interferes with that time, you can simply explain you have another commitment. This is reclaiming your time.

2. Prepare and Set Up Sacred Space

The first thing you need to do is pick where you’re going to be alone. Are you going to be at your desk? On a walk? In your car? Just sitting at your table with a cup of tea?

It can be an area in your home with candles, aromatherapy, your favorite blanket, soft music, bathroom shower with a sugar scrub or hot bath. Your special place in the park or even your car. Listen, when my home life was so stressful, I found moments of solace in my car. Choose your setting wisely as it will affect the outcome of your alone time. I prefer to do something physical during my solitude. I find that as my body is kept busy, my mind is free to roam, relax and then lift.


Either leave your phone or put it on “Do Not Disturb”

Sometimes I’ve used my phone as part of my me-time with music or guided meditation. If so, it is important to put the setting on “do not disturb”. Social media notifications, calls and texts can distract you from what you are there to do, and that is to focus on yourself. Even turning your phone to silent for an hour  will revitalize you. Turn off your phone and computer. Then set about finding something to do that doesn’t require screen-time.


4. Me-Time Lunch Moment

On a nice day, there’s no better way to revive your spirit than to enjoy your lunch outside. Leave your cell phone in the office. Don’t participate in chit-chat or water-cooler rumors. Sit and enjoy the sun as you savor each bite of your food. Listen to the birds and feel the breeze on your face blowing away some of the tension easily and effortlessly. Guaranteed there will be a spring in your step when you go back to work.


5. Me-Time Mocktail Moment

You don’t have to wait until Friday to go to happy hour. A nice mocktail can be enjoyed anytime and anyplace. You don’t have to wait until 5 o’clock. What’s even more relaxing is if the mocktail is made with an herbal tea containing herbs to help relax your mind and release stress. One of my favorites is ashwagandha in the Release Your RoyalTEA. I love a nice smoothie made with this. It sets the tone for the entire day. Of course I love hot tea because it feels so soothing, but you can take it to another level as a mocktail. You can make magic in your kitchen and create a me-time moment anytime, anyplace.

Let's do it together at the Me-Time with Mocktails class.

Me-Time with Mocktails

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It's going to be so much fun! Even if you can't attend live, register to receive the replay and your ingredients list.

Until next time, do something just for you.


Be well!

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