3 Ways to De-stress When Life Doesn't Change

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Greetings #WellnessWOWers and those who are ready to up-level their lives by unloading some stress. It’s your holistic physician here, Dr. Michelle Clay to help you release your stress simply and naturally.
It’s your holistic physician here, Dr. Michelle Clay to help you release your stress simply and naturally.
I make it sound simple and easy right? It really is. It doesn’t feel like it when circumstances and situations in life are challenging and unchanging. If you are waiting for the situation to change before you can move on with your life, before you can be happy or before you can exhale a sigh a relief, your moment may never come. This is the ‘when this (fill in the blank), then __________’ mindset.
If you have the right mindset and perspective then you can make a shift, release your stress and face any situation with grace and ease.
How do I know? Because this month has been a real challenge. I feel like I’m in the second act of a production without an ending to the script. Nothing is changing. But I have control of me and my thinking. I tell my mind what to think. So I have changed the one thing I can, ME. Now I am facing this drama production with grace and ease. Want to know how you can too? I’ll give you 3 simple things I have been doing to keep calm when life doesn't change. 

1. Movement for Mindset
I’m not the type of person who likes going to the gym. But I do some type of movement every day. Whether it is stretching or running. I don’t exercise to be healthy, I exercise to be happy. Scientists have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep, and improve self-esteem. This process begins with just 5 minutes of aerobic activity! SO I exercise until I feel the elevation in my mood.

2. Meditate
Sometimes, all it takes is 5 minutes. Get still, get centered and get grounded. Now you are ready for the day. 

3. Minimize Madness
You know how some people seem to be like Pigpen from the Charlie Brown cartoon? Everywhere they go, there seems to be a cloud of drama and negativity that surrounds them. If you get too close, you’ll get caught up in the whirlwind. Repel drama! If it is out of your control to have drama or negativity around you, don’t add fuel to the fire. Don’t talk about it and do not respond. The secret to releasing stress when life doesn’t change, is for you to be the change agent. Change your mind. Change your mood. Change your life!




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Until next time, Be Well!

 Yours in Health and Harmony,

 Dr. Michelle Clay, DO, CHHC aka “Dr. Michelle”, is a  speaker, Amazon two-time best-selling author and holistic physician who specializes in the release and management of stress and associated symptoms simply and naturally. Through her company FREELIFE7, her work enhances people’s lives by harmonizing all dimensions of wellness through coaching programs, online courses and seminars to help high-strung, high stressed, high performers and burned out business professionals transform their lives from stressful, unbalanced, and unhealthy to happy, harmonious, and purposeful. 

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