The Power of I Can, I AM and I Will

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Greetings Wellness WOWers and those who are ready and willing to live an abundant stress FREELIFE of harmony and health. It's Dr. Michelle, your holistic physician who specializes in the release of stress simply and naturally, empowering professionals and high performers to up-level their wellness and well-being with grace and ease.

I want to share a story with you that inspired me and moved me to hydration of the eyes.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Have you heard of her? Until recently, not many had, but now she is a national sensation, motivation and inspiration! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a young woman from humble beginnings in the Bronx that just defeated her 'Goliath'. This 28-year old bright eyed, fiery  and warm-hearted woman just defeated the 4th highest ranking Democrat and 10-term congressman in the 14th district New York primary. They were calling her the 'girl who has no name', but now she is a name and a example of what activating your inner power and uniting with others looks like. She had the #couragetochange and can teach us how to do the same.
If you are at a point in your life that feels like a cross-roads, you are surviving and getting along in life, but not thriving and vibrant. If you feel like what's next? You know there is more for you, you can activate your courage to change.

Have courage to change I can't to I can.
The courage to change I'm not to I AM.
The courage to change I won't to I will.

It's all about mindset.

Your mindset determines what you manifest.

You can have a mindset of lack or a mindset of abundance. A  mindset of lack says there are limitations and not enough to go around. A mindset of lack says you don't have enough experience money _______ (fill in the blank). to do the good that you want to do or have the good that you want to have.

While a mindset of abundance says there are limitless resources and enough for everyone. There is a place for me, for you, for all of us. If you are dealing with what I call the "not enough" syndrome which is a mindset of lack, you can shift to an abundant mindset by activating the power of I Can, I AM and I Will.

I Can
Think of an idea. It's best to think and reflect when you are quiet and feel calm. Search inside of yourself and allow the ideas to easily flow to you. Visualize it. Write it down in detail how you want it, feel it and see it.

Affirmations. Affirm who you are. Don't speak something as if you hope it will happen, or in the "someday" time frame, speak it is as if it already here. As if you are already living those characteristics. Speak those things that are not as though they were.

I Will
Now that you have the idea, visualized and affirmed and confirmed who you are, set the intention. What do you intend to do? What do you declare? Now create a strategy for it and execute. Get in action, stay in action and get it done. You will complete and succeed.
How do I know? Just ask Ms. Ocasio-Cortez who did just that. She said I can, we can I will and defeated someone twice her age in the primary. Soon she will be the youngest congressperson.
But she didn't do it alone. As the saying goes, "There is no I in team." Though she activated her power of I can, I AM and I will, there was a team of believing, supportive and like-minded people with her. Do you have your team? When you feel discouraged and want to quit, do you have supporters around you whispering in your ear, " You can, you are and you will. We will."?


If not, sign me up for your team now. Schedule your complimentary consultation with me NOW.


Yours in Health and Harmony,

Dr. Michelle Clay is a speaker, two-time best-selling author & Holistic Physician specializing in the release and management of stress and its associated symptoms simply and naturally.


Through her company FREELIFE7, Dr. Michelle offers coaching programs, books and seminars  to help high-strung, high stressed high performers and burned out and busy business women release their stress simply and naturally to live a FREE life on purpose with passion. She is frequently called upon to give a refreshing holistic perspective on ways to release stress, recharge health and shift mindset for wellness success.

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