4 Tips When Your Mood Isn't Merry During the Holidays

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Greetings Super Wonder Women and those who are seeking to up-level your health and happiness. It’s Dr. Michelle here your holistic physician who specializes in the release of stress simply and naturally for high-strung and highly stressed high performers. Is it OK for me to be completely transparent with you? I’ve been struggling. I haven’t felt joyous and excited this holiday season and couldn’t 

pinpoint why!
I even had a melancholy morning with tears and everything! Now I’m not a huge crier, so when a river was pouring from my eyes, I needed to identify why. I paused and had a moment of meditation and reflection and identified the source – holiday blues. I didn’t realize how purchasing a Christmas tree yesterday triggered memories which resulted in a flood of memories of days and people gone by. I REALLY miss my grandmother who was born on Christmas and my mother. For me, it’s not the "big" celebration where I have the fondest memories, but the cherished and impactful moments throughout the year. I’m sure I’m not alone. I know a few people who have lost parents, grandparents and even children in 2018 and this is their first holiday without their loved one’s physical presence. My heart and prayers go out to you. For those of us who this isn’t fresh, we still feel the sting from time to time. I’ll share with you the 4 strategies I have been incorporating during this challenging time.

Completely feel and embrace your emotions without hindrance or judgment. If you are melancholy, be melancholy. If you want to cry, then cry. Tears are not only a release but a relief. When we are upset, stressed or anxious and we cry, we are actually releasing some of the stress hormone cortisol through our tears.

Once you allow your emotions to flow uninhibited, find the root cause of your feelings. This requires time of reflection and self-discovery so me-time is very important. It is OK to be alone during this time – get still and get quiet. You must become aware what has triggered this response so you can create a strategy in dealing with the same situation in the future.

Once you have had me-time for reflection and self-discovery, show your face in the place! Don’t isolate yourself completely. If someone reaches out to you out of genuine love and concern that you know can put a smile on your face, answer the phone, return the text, accept the invitation. Put your moisturizer and #MAC on and show up.

FREE yourself from “should” i.e. “I should be happy”, “I should be festive” etc. Don’t allow others to judge you and please don’t judge yourself.
It is OK to fully embrace your feelings and process them, but don’t wallow in them.
FREE yourself from the depressed mood and stress and have some FUN!

These are some of the things I have been doing for the past few days to help elevate my mood and lift my spirit. I have also been very intentional about my me-time and self-care. I commit to my self-care unapologetically! I've created a simple and natural way to active\ate your self-care and stress-less. The perfect gift for the Super Wonder Woman in you or the Super Wonder Woman in your life - The Stress FREELIFE Self-Care Kit. Get it HERE


Until next time be well!

Yours in Health and Harmony,

Dr. Michelle Clay, DO, CHHC is a speaker, two-time best-selling author and Holistic Physician specializing in the release and management of stress and its associated symptoms simply and naturally. Through her company FREELIFE7, Dr. Michelle creates harmony and life balance through wellness coaching programs and online courses to help burned out professionals and overwhelmed overachievers create their sense of calm, health and happiness to live a FREE life on purpose with passion. She is frequently called upon to give a refreshing holistic perspective on ways to release stress, recharge health and shift mindset for wellness success. To speak to her directly about your wellness and journey to work-life balance, schedule your complimentary consultation HERE.

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