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Greetings everyone! Dr. Michelle here, your holistic physician who specializes in the release of stress simply and naturally and shift your mindset matters to live a FREELIFE on purpose and with passion. It's Wednesday! Hump day for some. Trying to get over the hump of this work-week and get to the weekend. Our weeks can go smoother, calmer and with less stress if we work to enhance our occupational wellness. 

Occupational Wellness is finding fulfillment and satisfaction in career endeavors. Often to find this fulfillment requires the special art of finding balance between our personal and professional worlds. A wisdom pearl that can help you  find that balance is - A.W.E. Stand in A.W.E. of your career, job and life.

Awareness is knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists.
According to the American Institute of Stress, job-related stress is the #1 cause of stress. Be aware of your physical and emotional feelings, as well as being in touch with what is happening around you can help alleviate stress because now you can do something about it.  Also be aware of your "why".

Why are you in this career? Does your "why" at work align with your "why" in life? If not, merge the two to reclaim the satisfaction you once felt for your chosen career path to enjoy occupational wellness. If you are unable to merge your job with your life's work and purpose, volunteer. Volunteering and fulfilling your mission is part of occupational wellness.

Now that you have either merged your career with your purpose and meaning in life, you have enhanced your occupational wellness and overall well-being. Now get excited! You have accomplished what many are questing. You are impacting the people you were meant to serve. You find fulfillment and enjoyment in life! You are living your "why"! 

THANK YOU for reading this blog post.. If you want to chat with me 1-on-1, schedule a FREE appointment here www.freelifestrategy.com.

 Until next time. Be well!

Dr. Michelle Clay is an empowering speaker, two-time best-selling author & Holistic Physician specializing in the release and management of stress and its associated symptoms simply and naturally. Through her company FREELIFE7, Dr. Michelle enhances lives by harmonizing all dimensions of wellness through coaching programs, online courses and seminars to help stressed out and burned out professionals and high performers discover their sense of calm, clarity and confidence to live a FREELIFE on purpose with passion. Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, she has made New Orleans her home. 


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