7 Ways to a Happy and Healthy Heart

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Greetings everyone especially to my Super Wonder Women and those looking to harmonize and balance all areas of their life and experience 360* of wellness. Dr. Michelle Clay here, your Holistic Physician specializing in stress helping burned out and stressed out professionals release their stress simply and naturally to live a FREE life on purpose with passion.

February is the month to raise awareness for cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death in the United States followed by cancer and medical error. Risk factors for heart disease include high cholesterol, physical inactivity, smoking and an unhealthy diet high in saturated fats, sugar and processed foods. The most common contributor to heart disease is hypertension (high blood pressure). Chronic stress can raise your blood pressure increasing both the systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) pressure. Stress and cardiovascular disease go hand in hand. It is important to approach health and wellness with a panoramic view, addressing all dimensions of wellness.


Here are 7 Ways to keep your heart healthy and happy:


 1 . Stop Smoking
Smoking can be one of the hardest habits to break. There are many tools that can help once you make the decision. Medication, gum, patches, and hypnotherapy may be options. Be easy with yourself. Remember when you learned how to ride a bike? Every time you fell off, you got back on each time because you really wanted to learn how to ride. Some had training wheels to assist. But after much effort, you finally learned how to ride the bike and you never forgot.


 2. Replace
Instead of giving up something, replace it with something else. If you leave a void, chances are great that you will fall back into the same pattern. First, be mindful of what triggers your habit. What satisfaction or reward does it serve? Knowing the root of the habit will help you to replace it with something that serves you better and elevates you.


3. Control your Blood Pressure
Per the American Heart Association, normal blood pressure is less than 120/80. Blood pressure is considered too high if the systolic (top number) is 140 or greater and if the diastolic (bottom number) is 90 or greater. Control of blood pressure requires a 360* approach to include diet, exercise and having a calm and relaxed mindset.


4. Hibiscus
Studies have shown hibiscus can decrease both systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) blood pressure. It even has the same effectiveness of a class of blood pressure medications called ACE inhibitors.
It also has been shown to help relieve feelings of anxiety and depression by calming the nervous system. The flavonoids and anthocyanins (what gives fruits and vegetables their deep color) have potential antidepressant activity.


5. Release Stress
Stress is a normal part of life. Chronic stress, extraordinary levels of stress or repeated exposure to stressors can markedly increase vulnerability to serious mental and physical dis-eases leading to increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol, weakened immune system and anxiety. There are simple and natural ways to release stress and reach the destination of calm and tranquility such as foods high in Vitamin C


6. Forgive
If you want to live a FREE life, know that forgiveness and freedom are connected.
“To forgive is to set the prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” Louis B. Smedes
Forgiveness can help release stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve heart health and open your heart to healthier relationships and deeper love.


7. Keep it Moving
Exercise is very important. Our society has become a sedentary one which is detrimental to our health. Sometimes people make the excuse that they don’t have time to exercise. Exercise is not just confined to a gym; you can find creative ways to incorporate it into your existing routine. For example parking farther away in parking lots for work, worship and shopping. If you get a Fitbit or download a pedometer, you’ll find that you get closer than you realize to the 10,000 steps per day.
You also need to keep it moving – moving away from toxic and unhealthy environments, relationships, foods, and habits.


Need more ways to release stress and help heart health? Download one of my personal recipes, for the StressFREE Smoothie. It can help the health of your heart and mind. Get the recipe at www.stressfreesmoothie.com


Yours in Health and Harmony,

Dr. Michelle Clay is a speaker, author & Holistic Physician specializing in stress release and management, helping you reclaim your health and happiness simply and naturally. As the founder and visionary of FREELIFE7 a life-enhancing company, she is frequently called upon to give a refreshing holistic perspective on ways to release stress, recharge health, and the mind-body connection, finding that happy place to live a free life on purpose with passion.

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