The Power of Self-Care to Conquer Stress

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Greetings #WellnessWOWers and those ready to release your stress, reenergize and enhance your life and purpose. It’s Dr. Michelle here, your holistic physician who specializes in helping busy and burned out professional release their stress simply and naturally. The holidays are approaching which means tasks and tensions can increase. Some already have increased stress and anxiety just thinking of all that needs to be done and the dinner conversations that may or may not happen. Chronic stress and anxiety can wear you out. The added stress that can occur around the holidays could be the straw that broke the camel’s back or sever your last good nerve. Now is the time to begin a stress release strategy to conquer stress and tension. Self-care is the foundation of your strategy and can be a powerful remedy that restores your mind and body.

Self-care is a conscious effort to put yourself first. It requires a deserving mindset; an abundant mindset. A mindset that says, “I deserve this. It will help me grow and operate at my true and highest potential for today.” you to take time for activities that nourish and sustain your body, mind, and spirit.
When you make it a priority to take care of yourself, you replenish the areas that have been depleted from burnout and stress. You fill your cup and enhance wellness and your life – your FREELIFE.
Build self-care into your daily habits. Schedule it if necessary. You have appointments and meetings for your job, business or children. Make an appointment for and with yourself.

Know the fundamentals of self-care to create your stress release strategy:  

1. Make YOU and your health a priority
You may have stress coming from multiple directions such as work, school, family, children, friends or “frenemies”. However, it’s important to establish your health as a top consideration. Find a balance between taking care of others and taking care of yourself.


2. Start with one healthy habit a day
If self-care isn’t a normal part of your life, it may be difficult to get used to it. Schedule it. Put an alert on your calendar. Even if it is 5 minutes to break away from your desk and walk outside, eat an orange or apple (something healthy) or take some deep full breaths to exhale tension, worry and stress. The key is to pick something small that is easy to do. Then, you can build from this foundation and add other habits.
If you try too many activities at once, you’re likely to get overwhelmed or discouraged. You can start with one small habit and you’ll see positive changes.
By implementing one healthy habit each day, you’ll begin your journey of taking better care of yourself and honoring yourself.


3. Find your own path
It’s easy to get caught up in the self-care practices that others use. However, it’s more effective to find your own path to relaxation and wellness.

 Find the tips and habits that work best for your lifestyle. You may not have time to exercise or meditate. There are other ways to take care of yourself. Be open and willing to experiment with different ideas to figure out which self-care practices work well for you.


4. Continue growing
It’s not enough to add one self-care habit and move on. Stress will continue to be a factor as long as you’re on this planet. The only constant in life is change which can trigger stress. Stress may come from different directions. For example, if your job is going well, you may suddenly discover issues at home. If your family life is fine, you may be worried about finances. It’s important to discover new self-care habits to release your stress. With changing circumstances and life changes, you may have to change your self-care strategy or routine, but you can still find the solace you seek and success.


5.  Stay the course
You may feel overwhelmed at times and as if you’re taking two steps back from the one positive step forward. Stay in action and remain committed to make self-care a top priority and non-negotiable. It will help calm your emotions, elevate your mindset and conquer the chaos of stress.


Let's create your self-care strategy for a stress FREELIFE together. Discover your next and best step by scheduling a complimentary consultation HERE


Until next time, be well!


Yours in Health and Harmony,

Dr. Michelle Clay is an empowering speaker, two-time best-selling author & Holistic Physician specializing in the release and management of stress and its associated symptoms simply and naturally. Through her company FREELIFE7, Dr. Michelle enhances lives by harmonizing all dimensions of wellness through coaching programs, online courses and seminars to help stressed out and burned out professionals and high performers discover their sense of calm, clarity and confidence to live a FREELIFE on purpose with passion. Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, she has made New Orleans her home.

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