The Wellness Wisdom of Spring

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Greetings to my Wellness WOWers, Super Wonder Women everyone who is ready to live a stress-free life with total wellness. Dr. Michelle here your Holistic physician who specializes in the release of stress simply and naturally.

Happy Spring everyone! Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love to hear the birds share their melodic songs and watching the flowers bloom perfuming the air with their fragrance.  It is a time of resurrection and renewal. Resurrect from death and dormancy to new life and vibrancy.  Resurrect plans, ideas, wellness and your well-being. This is the perfect time to cleanse from the old, to make room for the fresh and new.

This vlog installment offers 5 ways to renew your body and mind.

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Yours in Health and Harmony,

Dr. Michelle Clay is a speaker, best-selling author & Holistic Physician specializing in the release and management of stress and its associated symptoms simply and naturally. Through her company FREELIFE7, Dr. Michelle enhances lives by harmonizing all dimensions of wellness through wellness coaching programs, workshops and speaking engagements to help stressed out and burned out high achievers, leaders and exhausted executives discover their sense of balance, calm, clarity and confidence to live a FREELIFE on purpose with passion. She is frequently called upon to give a refreshing holistic perspective on ways to release stress, recharge health and shift mindset for wellness success. Schedule your complimentary session with Dr. Michelle to release your stress and create a plan to go from burnout to balance and have the happy and healthy life that is waiting for you.

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